Monday, November 26, 2012

Wakulla Springs: A Photographer's Paradise!

Every time my parents come to visit us in Tallahassee one of the first answers, to the question "what shall we do while you're here?", is "we want to go on the river boat tour at Wakulla Springs."

I'm never disappointed with that answer as I love the boat tour at Wakulla Springs State Park and relish any opportunity to get up close and personal with Florida's wildlife. Being an avid photographer makes the tour even greater as there is never a shortage of photographic opportunity during the 45 minute boat ride.

As many as 400 American Alligators reside along the river!
They have a lot to smile about!
One of the main attractions for visitors are the Manatees. Here is one of 2 calves we saw on today's tour. We saw over 20 Manatees in total.
Anhinga's are very common.
This one was shaking off the river after a swim.
A common sound along the river is provided by the Common Gallinule.
wading birds like this Little Blue Heron are abundant... are White Ibis...
dozens of Pied-billed Grebes can be enjoyed at close range.
...and beautiful Wood Ducks too.
so grab your camera and head to Wakulla Springs for a river boat tour this winter.
It's fun for all the family!
For more information about Wakulla Springs visit the Great Florida Birding & Wildlife Trail website.

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